Spring 2020 Quarter  

Course Syllabus

Painting 201, 202, 203 

Course Syllabus and Supply List 


Spring 2020 Quarter  

Color Harmony/Theory Lecture

Monochromatic: One color   Analogous: Adjacent colors  

Triadic: Equally distant colors   Complimentary: Opposing colors   Split-Complimentary: One Complimentary and extended   Double-Complimentary: Two pairs of opposing colors   


Spring 2020 Quarter  

Self-Portrait Painting

Students will be given one specific artist from their instructor to research and explore their artistic styles, conceptually/figuratively, as well as, including their painting approaches and themes. Students should consider the styles in which the artist used and recreate a self-portrait from that specific artist.


Spring 2020 Quarter  

Color Wheel and 

Achromatic Gray Scale

An achromatic grayscale helps 

distinguish the value between 

highlights from light to dark. A color wheel is a visual representation of colors arranged according to their chromatic relationship. 


Spring 2020 Quarter  

Landscape Painting 

Landscape painting refers to an artistic genre defined by a focus on natural scenery as subject matter; depicting a variety of settings, such as mountains, forests, rivers, and beaches. Painting a landscape is a very rich experience enabling you to understand your surroundings and nature better, building a deeper connection with your environment. 


Spring 2020 Quarter  

Final Painting

For the final painting students can explore any concept or idea that they might be interested in to create a work of art. Students will create a work of art on a two-dimensional surface, which may include traditional painting materials like oils, acrylics and watercolors or work with mixed media, on a canvas

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Spring 2020 Quarter  

Still-Life Painting

Still life paintings are typically 

comprising arrangements of objects, 

like flowers, cups, decorative objects, toys, bowls and/or other kitchen utensils; laid out on a flat table with some fabric as a backdrop. Students will create their own still life drawing and develop their ability to see objectively and draw accurately.

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Spring 2020 Quarter  

Self-Portrait Lecture

Portraiture is a genre in painting where the intent is to depict a human subject. Each portrait should reflect your own personality, interests, and appearance; it may also reflect personal, cultural and social issues. Students will select one artist to explore, considering the styles in which the artist used and recreate a self-portrait from that specific artist.

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