Summer 2021 Quarter  

Course Syllabus

Painting 201, 202, 203 

Course Syllabus and Supply List 


Summer 2021 Quarter  

Landscape Handout

Understand the balance of color, composition and aesthetics from highlights and shadows. Students will develop individual concepts and ideas from the natural world, exploring more expressive painting techniques to create a naturalistic landscape. Students can explore techniques like alla prima (wet on wet paint) and palette knifes as tools for applying on the surface of the canvas.   


Summer 2021 Quarter  

Self-Portrait Handout

Select one specific artist to research and explore their artistic styles, conceptually/figuratively, as well as, including their painting approaches and themes. You may consider the styles in which the artist used and recreate a portrait from that specific artist. Try to develop a context to your self-portrait; juxtaposing different elements and themes can be explored throughout your process when creating your paintings. 


Summer 2021 Quarter  

Still Life, Color Wheel and 
Achromatic Gray Scale

An achromatic grayscale helps 

distinguish the value between 

highlights from light to dark. A color wheel is a visual representation of colors arranged according to their chromatic relationship. 


Summer 2021 Quarter  

Landscape Painting Lecture 

Landscape painting refers to an artistic genre defined by a focus on natural scenery as subject matter; depicting a variety of settings, such as mountains, forests, rivers, and beaches. Painting a landscape is a very rich experience enabling you to understand your surroundings and nature better, building a deeper connection with your environment. 


Summer 2021 Quarter  

Self-Portrait Lecture

Portraiture is a genre in painting where the intent is to depict a human subject. Each portrait should reflect your own personality, interests, and appearance; it may also reflect personal, cultural and social issues. Students will select one artist to explore, considering the styles in which the artist used and recreate a self-portrait from that specific artist.

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Summer 2021 Quarter  

Still-Life Lecture

Still life paintings are typically 

comprising arrangements of objects, 

like flowers, cups, decorative objects, toys, bowls and/or other kitchen utensils; laid out on a flat table with some fabric as a backdrop. Students will create their own still life drawing and develop their ability to see objectively and draw accurately.


Summer 2021 Quarter  

Final Painting Handout

For the Final painting assignment students can explore any concept or idea that they might be interested in to create a work of art. Students can explore landscapes, figuration, narrative, abstraction, representation, minimalism, pop art, political art, portraiture and surrealism to name a few. Students can create paintings that evoke an emotional response like joyfulness, horror, and humor.